Dating a 14 year old

An NSPCC spokesman said: “We find this case incredibly disturbing.

Under British law it is illegal for any adult to have a sexual relationship with a family member under the age of 18, and adults guilty of doing this face up to 14 years in prison.

Society runs the risk that she will be haunted by early, intimate and powerful, sexual experiences for the rest of her life.

Thirteen, 14, or 15, are very young ages for anyone to be having deep and intimate sexual experiences, particularly with a vastly older adult, who is related by marriage to them.

They were powerless to do more - because in Germany, the age of sexual consent is 14.

“The court does not offer any opinion on the non-judicial question of whether a 47-year-old married man should return the love of a 14-year-old fired by adolescent affection and enthusiasm,” they wrote.

Italy, Portugal, Austria and Hungary all have 14 as the official age of consent, while in France, Greece, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark, it's 15.

t means that in cases like Josephine’s, the unnamed uncle is not technically breaking the law.

It is chilling to think that if Josephine had been two years younger, her case could have been treated as rape over here in the UK.

But because of a matter of months and geography, she's now free to live with her married uncle.

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